Filmmaker. Cinematic Storyteller. Visionary.

Noël’s ambition for filmmaking and his pursuit of perfection in every shot will give you the online appearance you deserve.



Picking up my first camera in the age of 12, filmmaking always played a very big role in my life.

Knowing pretty early, that I wanted to make this passion a living, I was absolutely determined to grow my skills as fast as possible.

I taught myself all the skills I needed as camera operation, storytelling and editing and gathered a lot of experience through a fast growing online network I built myself up.  

Now I am at a point where I can confidently work as a freelancer for almost all kinds of video content you can imagine.

My sectors are reaching from commercials, event films and YouTube videos to sports, automotive and fashion content.

Noel Hegemann


Mischa Kundenfoto

"Working together with Noël is just fun! And that’s the most important thing with creative work. Through Noël’s professional and proactive operation I can be focused on my job in front of the camera in every moment. He is planning in advance, is always fully committed and wouldn’t ever miss out a shot. Paired with his excellent editing skills for me he is a top filmmaker I will hopefully work with for many more years."

Mischa Janiec (YouTuber)
Alex Kundenfoto

"When I first met Noël in person, a line inked on his arm, caught my attention, it said: "Be obsessed or be average."
This phrase to describe Noel´ s work and competence is an understatement.
His eye, his style and his passion to deliver perfection always completely satisfied our needs & demands.

Definitely not our last project, highly recommended!"

Alex Wirthl (Coach)

"Honestly, I have never worked with someone who has a similar eye for details and perfectionism as myself when it comes to video production.
The videos Noël has produced for us are simply the best I could have wished for.
He is reliable, professional, precise, honest, and friendly.
I can only wish that we will work for many more years to come."

Jascha Renner (YouTuber)